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Using our eviction services is the best way to improve your chances of success and help minimize negative outcomes that can harm your business or property. We are able to efficiently navigate the complexities of eviction law and quickly provide solutions to all your property disputes.


Commercial Lease Agreement

A commercial lease is a business contract and needs to be drawn up carefully to ensure your business interests are protected. You will have to live with the consequences for several years, so it's important to get it right.

Let us draft your commercial or business lease agreement and enjoy peace of mind, knowing that our commercial property experts have covered everything in your lease agreement.


Residential Lease Agreement

The recent Rental Housing Amendment Act makes it very clear that a written lease agreement is strongly advised in any tenancy arrangement. Whether you are landlord or tenant, a formal lease can prevent disputes and grievances down the line.

We are experts in South African residential property law and will draft a lease agreement that meets your specific needs, while ensuring both parties are covered legally under the stringent terms of PIE.


Eviction Procedure

A good lease agreement can help to prevent relations between landlord and tenant deteriorating to the stage where eviction must be considered. However, sometimes it is the only option left to protect and preserve your property. But there are very strict procedures that must be followed, or landlords can find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

We'll assist with eviction notices and court appearances. We will ensure a satisfactory outcome. If you are a tenant and are being harassed or you think you are being illegally evicted, we can make sure your rights are protected under PIE.

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Our experience in eviction and property law will help you achieve positive results.