We advise you on your eviction rights

You may be experiencing serious difficulty with your tenant who refuses to vacate your property. Despite your telephone calls and e-mails, they simply won’t co-operate and may owe you a lot of money in unpaid rent and bills. Here's how we can help.



Commerical Leases

business property

Lease your commercial property using our Commercial or Business Lease Agreement. Rest easy knowing that we have outlined everything in your leasing agreement.

Residential Leases

landlord & tenant

Our residential lease agreements are drafted to suit your specific needs, while ensuring landlord and tenant are covered legally under South African property law.

Eviction Procedure

help & Advice

Landlords need to follow certain procedures when evicting tenants - we can assist with eviction notices, harassment and illegal evictions, and going to court.


Why landlords should hire Eviction Specialists South Africa

Hiring an experienced eviction lawyer in South Africa is the best way to improve your chances of success and help minimize negative outcomes that can harm your business. Eviction Specialists are able to quickly and efficiently navigate the complexities of eviction law, especially considering the vast tenant protections offered in South Africa today.


Tenant Rights

landlord needs to know

Landlords need to know what a tenant’s rights and obligations are. Unlawful conduct by the landlord can jeopardize the success of the eviction or even be jailed.

Landlord Rights

Important landlord info

Do you as a landlord know what your rights & obligations are when evicting a tenant? Knowledge is power and never more so than when a landlord evicts a tenant.

Tenant Eviction Process

Know the right steps

A landlord should understand the process of evicting a tenant. This tenant eviction process is a legal minefield governed by the Prevention of Illegal Evictions Act and Unlawful Occupation Act.


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We're here to help.  Landlords are especially benefited by hiring Eviction Specialists if: It is a landlord’s first eviction. The tenant is fighting a landlords eviction and has a lawyer. You are firing an employee and want to evict the employee at the same time. Your tenant is filing for bankruptcy.

There’s no sense delaying any longer when we can initiate effective legal procedures.
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