Simon Dippenaar - Admitted Attorney of the High Court of South Africa.

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Simon Dippenaar - Eviction Specialist

Simon Dippenaar has a BBusSc LLB degree and Professional Diploma in Legal Practice from the University of Cape Town, and is an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa.

He is the founder and director of private legal practice, Simon Dippenaar & Associates, with offices in Cape Town and Gauteng representing South African and international clients.

Simon is committed to serving his community and the less fortunate. He is on record in one of South Africa's biggest mass eviction cases in Marikana, representing, pro bono, the unlawful occupiers and their constitutional right to adequate housing (see below).

He is also an executive member of the South African Police Services Forum and is head of finance. He is also a long standing member of Rotary International as well as a member of the Cape Chamber of Commerce.

Simon is widely published in the area of eviction law and has been a key speaker at seminars, most recently debating in Sandton and Cape Town, the Deputy Minister of Public Works Jeremy Cronin regarding the Expropriation Bill.

SABC News Interview

Simon Dippenaar discusses the potential landmark case that was heard at the Western Cape High Court. This case involved the illegal occupation of private land by several tens of thousands.

The several landowners demanded the court to order the City of Cape Town to buy the land back, arguing that eviction would be nearly impossible given the sheer number of occupants.


Ntombi & Radio 2000 Interview

Simon Dippenaar discusses property law with Ntombi on Radio 2000.


I found myself in an impossible situation with a Tenant who would not pay Rent or Services and refused to move out. I contacted Simon who assisted me getting the defaulting Tenant evicted, Simon was very efficient in promptly starting the process and keeping me updated at all times. I recommend anyone who has a defaulting tenant to ask Simon for help to solve their problem before they loose too much.

Mike Theunissen

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